Born during the Carter administration to parents born during the Truman administration.

Got in a fistfight with a neighbor kid in defense of the honor of Walter Mondale.

Won an art contest amongst all 4th graders in Rockford, Illinois.

Usually got good grades in English, history, and art. Math and science, not so much.

Moved to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

In high school, used to sneak out of study hall to use the potter’s wheel.

Got first car, an '81 Civic, from neighbors who would otherwise have sent it to the junkyard.

Showed some art in an exhibition at a restaurant at which I had previously worked.

Finished high school and went to college.

Decided that a degree in ceramics was a good idea.

Once used a squeaky toy to annoy State Representative Lynn Herman at a polling station.

Started teaching ceramics. 

Had first solo exhibition in a gallery.

Decided that a Master’s Degree in ceramics was a good idea.

Tried, failed, tried again, got into grad school, finished that, went back to work.

Continued teaching ceramics, now more often and for more organizations.

Kept making more work; rarely takes a vacation.

It is conceivable that I have literally made more than a ton of work.